Each year, TRANSCAER® outreach events are held in communities across Canada.  The events bring together first-responders, emergency planners, and members of local communities who want to learn about emergency preparedness related to the transportation of dangerous goods.

Following are testimonials from some event participants.


Flammable Liquids Course

"Great course."

"Excellent.  Really enjoyed it.  Left with enough info to understand the need for experts here."

"The instructors made the day.  It was clear they had extensive knowledge and wanted to share it.  They worked well together to make sure everyone learned a lot."

"Extremely engaging, well articulated, clearly communicated."

"All instructors were very well versed on subjects presented; I really enjoyed it."

"I enjoyed the day start to finish."

"Recommend for ALL first responders!"

"Everyone was knowledgeable and friendly."

"All instructors were great at answering everyone's questions and at showing all equipment."

"Not a first responder.  All materials presented were extremely valuable and information that I can pass on to my community."

"Very well done, good job on the part of industry to educate and clear misconceptions."

Excellent workshop, well worth the time to attend."

"Instructors used valuable real world examples."

"I'm glad I attended."

"Excellent course! Well worth the time for all firefighters."

"Excellent, should be mandatory for ALL first responders!"

CCPX 911

"Instructor are well versed and good teachers."

"Awesome to be able to see it live before actually having to respond."

"Very good to put visual to theory covered in classroom."

"Great training aid."

Rail Safety

"All first responders should know this."

"Great presentation."


"Very informative, especially for first responders."

"Very well instructed, easy to understand for person with basic knowledge."

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