National TRANSCAER® Committee

Jeffery Bowes

National TRANSCAER® Committee Chair,
Senior emergency Response Specialist, Shell Chemicals Canada Ltd.

Carrie Maxim

National TRANSCAER® Committee Co-Chair
Specialist, Logistics Planning
Olefins Logistics & Customer Service
NOVA Chemicals (Canada) Ltd.

Kara Edwards

Director of Transportation,
Chemistry Industry Association of Canada

Kristina Adler

National TRANSCAER® Committee Coordinator Transportation Policy and Program Officer, Chemistry Industry Association of Canada

Jean Carpentier

Québec Regional TRANSCAER® Committee Chair
Pétromont Inc.

Scott Croome

Director, Dangerous Goods
Railway Association of Canada

Joe Caponio

Regional Director
Responsible Distribution Canada

Matthew Leigh

Dangerous Goods Specialist
Canadian National Railway

Tim Johnson

Director Health Safety & Environment
Northwest Tank Lines

Jim Kozey

Director, Hazardous Material Programs
Canadian Pacific

Erica Bernstein

TRANSCAER® National Coordinator (United States)

Rob Hoffman

Director, Government and Stakeholder Relations
Canadian Fuels Association

Greg Hallet

Emergency Response Specialist
Shell Chemicals Canada Ltd.

Claudette Fedoruk

Safe Operations Policy Analyst
Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers

Patrick Knight

Manager, Safety & Quality Assurance
Emergency Response Assistance Canada

Blair Hetherington

British Columbia Regional TRANSCAER® Chair, Emergency Response Systems Manger, Chemtrade

Dave Hill

Chair, CERCA and National Director of Emergency Response, GFL Environmental Inc.

Wade Osborne

Ontario Regional TRANSCAER® Committee Chair and Director, Scheduling and Commercial Process, Procor Repair Services

Scott Legge

E1 Cracking Operations Coordinator, NOVAlert Technical Advisor, NOVA Chemicals (Canada) Ltd.,
Prairie Regional TRANSCAER® Committee Chair

Tina Saryeddine

Executive Director, Canadian Association of Fire Chiefs (CAFC)