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Supporting information for Nomination: Please provide detailed supporting information for the following categories. It is important that the information provided on the nominees be as substantive as possible. The better quality of the information provided, the easier it is for the selection committee to make judgments on nominees with whom the committee members may not be familiar.

Information de soutien pour la mise en candidature : Veuillez fournir de l’information de soutien détaillée pour les catégories suivantes. Il est important que l’information fournie soit la plus complète possible. Plus l’information fournie est de qualité, plus il est facile pour le comité de sélection de juger les candidats que les membres du comité pourraient ne pas connaître.

This should include examples of their efforts to allow for the growth of the program, increased recognition of the program and the enhancement of the program.
This should include examples of dedication that exceeds that of a normal performance of TRANSCAER® activities.
Provide any additional information that supports the nominator’s belief of the nominee’s exceptional services to the TRANSCAER® program.

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