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Hazmat Emergency Response Training (disponible en anglais seulement)

ECRC~SIMEC Dartmouth Response Centre - Dartmouth, N.-É.

On March 26, 2019 from 9AM to 2PM, the Chlorine Institute, in partnership with Brenntag Canada, will be hosting an event on Hazmat and Emergency Response Training at the ECRC~SIMEC Dartmouth Response Centre (address: 41 Mount Hope Ave, Woodside, NS B2Y 4R4.)

Register now by contacting Zach Konway (contact information below) to learn about toxic gases (chlorine) and corrosive liquids (hydrochlorig acid & caustic soda).  Training involves both an in-class lesson on toxic gases and corrosive liquids and a true-to-life field exercise using 150-lb cylinders and chlorine ton containers.  Lunch, training materials and a certificate of completion will be provided. 

Please remember that you must show up with the following required PPE: hard hat, gloves, safety glasses, safety vest, long pants, and steel-toed or composite-toed boots.

To register, please contact Zach Konway by email at ZKonway@brenntag.ca or by phone at (902) 468-9690.

Hope to see you there!

Contact: Zach Konway

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